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As your life insurance agent, it is very important to me that you and your family are educated on the options, and that you are able to make the best financial decision possible. Sit down with an expert who treats you like family. Talk to Charles today!

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The good news is: Nearly 79 million baby boomers have earned record levels of income, generated great wealth, and spurred economic growth.
The bad news is: They have also spent at high levels, failed to save, and have accumulated unprecedented levels of debt. LIMRA International 2008


Life Insurance

As uncomfortable as it is to think about, imagine what standard of living your family would have if you were no longer with them. Could they still pay the mortgage? Pay for education? Buy groceries? Life insurance protects your family against the loss of income when you die. It helps pay for funeral costs, cover household expenses and secure your family’s financial future.


College Education Funding
So, what were YOU thinking?

Many families are disappointed after years of saving for their child’s education just to find out that what they have saved will only pay for the first year of college. The parents scramble to refinance their mortgage and withdraw from their retirement to finance the education dream. Let me show you a better way…


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