What I Do…

In a time where many people are up at night, pacing back and forth, worrying about their financial future, many others are making great decisions to establish financial legacies for their families.

What do I do? I help these “all night pacers” to relax and sleep like a baby!! Do you remember that life insurance class you had back in high school? NO, you don’t. We were never taught the financial advantages that many people enjoy today. Over 95% of people that even have life insurance don’t know why they bought the product or why they bought the amount that they did. What I do is educate individuals and families on this powerful tool called life insurance, and then allow them to make the BEST decision for their financial future.

Did you know???

  • That you can send your child to college without refinancing your mortgage, taking from your retirement, or working a second job?
  • That it’s wise to have your own personal policy? In most cases, if you leave your job today, your life insurance does NOT go with you.
  • That your life insurance can PAY YOU if you were to become temporarily disabled.
  • That you can build your retirement in your life insurance and have multiple streams of income when you’re ready to stop working?
  • That you can receive THOUSANDS of dollars to help pay medical bills (while you are still living) if you experience a stroke, heart attack, or cancer? If you were diagnosed with cancer today, how much could YOU receive from your life insurance policy today?

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