Meet Charles

My heart has always gone out to families, especially to young people. From working with the underserved sinceĀ I was 19 years old, to being an alcohol and drug counselor for the past 17 years, there has always been a passion to see people enjoy a life more abundantly. One of the ways that I help is to educate families and set them up for financial success!

I look to help those that are in need of what I have to offer. Being a combat veteran in the Marine Corps (Desert Storm 1991), I am a fan of my country and people that live here, no matter what their background. What I do to help, is educate. Over 95% of Americans have purchased life insurance without being educated on what’s best for them. Without this education, how would you know which product is best for you and your family? How would you know how much to purchase?

You owe it to your family to make the best decision for yourself and them….Talk to Charles today!